elexsys AraCapital investment

Clean Energy, Unleashed. eleXsys Energy is driving the future of local clean energy by unleashing its full commercial potential. eleXsys™ is a game-changing solution that removes the biggest obstacle to global adoption of renewable energy systems. Through innovative next-generation technology, eleXsys allows clean energy producers to feed multiple times more energy back into existing electricity distribution grids. It turns today’s legacy one-way grids into two-way smart grids without the need to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and equipment upgrades.

National Renewable network

NRN National Renewable Network AraCapital investment

We are building a network to help all Australians. NRN helps more Australians protect themselves from rising energy costs by providing greater access to renewable energy plans. When joining the network, customers receive installed solar and battery at no upfront cost, which is covered in a competitive energy bill through their preferred energy retailer.

Pumpfree Energy

PumpFree Energy AraCapital investment

We’re on a mission to keep our oceans clean and healthy by solving the hidden problems of grease waste by reducing it, diverting it, and transforming it into renewable energy. PumpFree Energy takes care of your liquid waste needs. Our patented technology, once retrofitted to your grease trap, significantly reduces waste going to sewer which can in some cases reduce your trade waste bills. Our trucks incorporate new technology that allows us to service your grease trap and collect your used cooking oil at the same time.