NRN National Renewable Network AraCapital investment

We are building a network to help all Australians.

NRN helps more Australians protect themselves from rising energy costs by providing greater access to renewable energy plans. When joining the network, customers receive installed solar and battery at no upfront cost, which is covered in a competitive energy bill through their preferred energy retailer.

We believe all Australian’s should have access to cheaper, greener energy that saves you money while saving the planet. At NRN we question why Australian households should have to pay for expensive energy infrastructure and be responsible for maintaining solar and battery systems? That’s why we’ve ditched the biggest barrier to get solar and battery power – the cost of the system.

Get a solar and battery system that is optimised for your home and fully installed without any upfront costs or financing. Access exclusive, better electricity rates, with all servicing, repairs, and ongoing maintenance costs fully taken care of.