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Australia New Zealand Angel Investment
AraCapital is an Australasian “Private Capital” firm, targeting growth companies, expansion capital and management buyout investments, growing companies up to around $50 million enterprise value.



Debt and equity raising

Capital structuring

Our Focus​​

Providing liquidity and shareholder alignment for growth companies


Clean technology​

Tech and Health tech​

Become Investor Ready

AraCapital aims to generate attractive returns for all stakeholders, by growing small to medium private businesses into institutional “investor ready” enterprises.

AraCapital Funding

Ara has dedicated tiers of institutional and high net worth capital upon which to draw, but tailors each offer specifically to the investment characteristics of the business and the appetite of selected investors, moving outside its capital base if necessary.

Importantly, investments may comprise the full spectrum of Private Capital, from ordinary and preferred equity through to mezzanine, subordinated and senior debt (not just private equity).

Investment Australia New Zealand

Private Equity Gap

Private equity is a maturing and attractive asset class in Australasia. However, smaller Australasian businesses are not well supported commercially.

AraCapital seeks to close the gap toward the smaller end of Australian and New Zealand capital markets, traditionally not a focus of many larger funds, by providing equity and arranging debt financing.

Portfolio Investments

Where AraCapital is managing a significant equity investment or has active Director responsibilities.

Angel Investments

AraCapital angel investments are mainly through syndicated platforms, then supporting or leading later stage growth equity initiatives.

Investor Proposition

AraCapital’s role is investing and investment management. AraCapital offers more transparency, flexibility and tailoring than similar private equity vehicles. Investors are offered:

Target equity returns
greater than 25% per annum
0 %

Opt-in or out on a
deal-by-deal basis​​

Yield or
capital growth

Investee Proposition

AraCapital’s role is in structuring and arranging capital for business owners.

Patient capital

Curated private equity partners with significant internal liquidity.

World class advice

International investment banking and C level investors from relevant industries.

Broad experience

Domain experts with relevant direct experience in selected industries.

Aligned incentives

Financial structures and incentives to maximise the outcomes for founders and investors.

Chris Flavell

Founder and Director

As Director of AraCapital, Chris brings this passion and commitment to his focus on accelerating the uptake of renewables, sustainable development initiatives, healthtech and growth companies in the energy transition space.

Chris understands the growing pains of founders and needs of investors, courtesy of growing AraCapital as a private capital investment and management vehicle which now has in excess of $100 million in assets under management.

Chris’ transaction experience includes: over $4 billion of M&A transactions; over $7 billion of debt and hybrid transactions; and over $2 billion of equity raising.

Chris believes all parties involved in capital partnerships, investments and advisory relationships should be aligned and incentivised, fairly and equitably.

This view was borne of his investment banking background during the New Zealand Government Asset Corporatisation and Privatisation programme and the Treaty of Waitangi. Chris played a pivotal role in the settlement and repatriation of land to the Ngai Tahu tribe in New Zealand – Chris’ tribe – including the establishment and governance of structures to manage tribal assets.