Angel Investments

AraCapital angel investments are mainly through syndicated platforms, then supporting or leading later stage growth equity initiatives.

Tech Investments

Hustle Coverhero AraCapital investment

You love your hustle, and you're damn good at it... But what would you do if something unexpected happens? What if you have an accident or a health issue and you can't work? If that was to happen...

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BTX Racing AraCapital

BUILD YOUR STABLE Experience the thrill of horse ownership with BTX Racing. Browse our premium thoroughbred selection and discover the perfect ownership opportunity for you. Easy and affordable options are available, starting from just $75 with no ongoing...

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Creating digital visibility for physical retail. Optimising in-person retail experiences with spatial AI. Integrating AI with real-time video, helps retailers understand how customers experience their spaces. Make data-driven decisions to increase sales, reduce theft and optimise customer...

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Amaka AraCapital investment

100% Precise Accounting Integrations. Currently Saving 1,000s of hours for over 65,000+ small businesses globally. Automate with unbeatable precision. Stop doing it manually! Embrace streamlined efficiency with accounting integrations that perfectly reconcile in your books.

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Building Materials Investments​

Axolotl AraCapital investment

Axolotl provides design solutions for architects, designers and builders through a range of authentic metal, concrete, terrazzo and terracotta surfaces, and are suppliers of solid surface, timber veneers, stone, paint, sheet metal and architectural glass.

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Marblo AraCapital investment

A polymer-based hybrid ‘Solid Surface material’ invented in 1979, Marblo® was originally created to provide new levels of performance in laboratory and kitchen bench top applications. Today our products are used in a myriad of residential, commercial, retail...

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Healthcare Investments

Qbiotics AraCapital investment

Novel anticancer and wound healing pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary markets - discovery, development and commercialisation. We discover and develop plant-derived cell signalling molecules to address challenging medical conditions in humans and companion animals.The simultaneous development of products...

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Clarity Pharmaceuticals AraCapital investment

We are a clinical stage radiopharmaceutical company developing next-generation products to address the growing need for the use of radiopharmaceuticals in oncology. At Clarity, our mission is to develop next-generation radiopharmaceutical products that improve treatment outcomes for children...

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Clinic to Cloud AraCapital investment

As an all-in-one clinical and practice management platform, Clinic to Cloud creates a powerful new ‘connected care ecosystem’ to optimise practice operations, improve financial performance, and deliver better patient experiences. Thousands of healthcare professionals around Australia rely on...

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Energy Investments

PumpFree Energy AraCapital investment

We’re on a mission to keep our oceans clean and healthy by solving the hidden problems of grease waste by reducing it, diverting it, and transforming it into renewable energy. PumpFree Energy takes care of your liquid waste...

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NRN National Renewable Network AraCapital investment

We are building a network to help all Australians. NRN helps more Australians protect themselves from rising energy costs by providing greater access to renewable energy plans. When joining the network, customers receive installed solar and battery at...

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elexsys AraCapital investment

Clean Energy, Unleashed. eleXsys Energy is driving the future of local clean energy by unleashing its full commercial potential. eleXsys™ is a game-changing solution that removes the biggest obstacle to global adoption of renewable energy systems. Through innovative...

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Sustainability / Circular Economy Investments

Van Solutions AraCapital investment

Our commitment is to providing unparalleled quality and innovation with our mobile solutions. At Van Solutions, we're not just in the business of providing off-grid vans; we're here to redefine the way you work and live remotely.

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Tasmanian Oyster Company AraCapital Investment

Tasmanian Oyster Co was founded in 1979, as Shellfish Culture Ltd, and has merged with multiple world class oyster farming operations to form Australia's largest vertically integrated Oyster business. Our vision is to be a world class shellfish...

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Cloudy Bay Clams AraCapital Investment

Cloudy Bay Clams is the pioneer in the industry of harvesting surf clams along the coast of New Zealand. Surf clams are a native shellfish to New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters. They exist in the turbulent surf zone,...

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Limited Partner, Platforms, and Memberships

Jelix Ventures AraCapital Investment

Investing in daring founders building a better future. Jelix is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to backing daring founders across Australia and New Zealand. We invest from pre-seed to Series A, and partner with daring founders whose...

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Energy Lab AraCapital

We help high-impact founders deploy low-carbon solutions. EnergyLab is Australia’s largest climate tech startup accelerator and innovation ecosystem dedicated to reaching net zero emissions. We connect talented founders addressing the global climate crisis to the mentors, advisors, partners,...

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Wholesale Investor AraCapital

POWERED BY CRIISPTM. Utilise our cutting-edge AI-powered platform to access curated Private Opportunities. Discover Startups, Scaleups, Fund Managers, Private Equity, Property, Small Cap Listed and Secondary Market Opportunities. Join an exclusive ecosystem of High-Net-Worth, Professional, Institutional, VC and...

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Syndex AraCapital

Making interesting assets investible. An online platform for the private capital markets, enabling investing, divesting and capital raising in fractionally owned structures. We offer a comprehensive, unmatched investment management solution that supports you at any business stage, from...

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Aussie Angels AraCapital

Everything you need to invest in startups. Our full suite of tools helps you build the right portfolio for you. Apply to join syndicates. Browse our syndicate directory and join the ones that resonate with you. Get investment...

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Medical Angels AraCapital

Our network of over 700 clinician investors have a wealth of medical knowledge whether general or subspecialised. We are represented by every specialty in medicine and dentistry with thousands of years of collective healthcare experience. This is our...

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Innovation Bay AraCapital

Accelerating the success of visionary founders and investors. We ignite the landscape by forging valuable connections and creating a dynamic ecosystem where founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders can exchange experiences, knowledge, and inspiration.

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Argand Partners AraCapital

Argand is a specialist private investment partnership founded in 2015. We focus on acquiring controlling interests in market-leading advanced manufacturing and business services companies headquartered in North America and Europe. We currently have approximately $685 million in capital...

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AraCapital Investments also runs an active small-cap listed equity portfolio as an underwriter and investor.