About Us

AraCapital is an Australasian “Private Capital” firm, targeting expansion capital and management buyout investments up to around $50 million enterprise value. AraCapital aims to generate attractive returns for all stakeholders, by growing small to medium private businesses into institutional “investor ready” enterprises. 


AraCapital Funding

Ara has dedicated tiers of institutional and high net worth capital upon which to draw, but tailors each offer specifically to the investment characteristics of the business and the appetite of selected investors, moving outside its capital base if necessary. Importantly, investments may comprise the full spectrum of Private Capital, from ordinary and preferred equity through to mezzanine, subordinated and senior debt (not just private equity).


Our People

AraCapital was founded in 2005 and received its ASIC license in March 2006.  The Director has several directorships and broad experience in corporate finance, investment banking, private equity and management consulting.  His background encompasses businesses of all sizes across most industry sectors. 


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